Bassai Dai

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karate bassai dai kata

To storm a castle

Bassai Dai translates “To storm of castle” or “To penetrate a fortress” is a kata practiced in Shotokan karate and is one of many variation of the Passai kata.¬† There are two Bassai kata, the other one being Bassai Sho, and although the “Sho” translates to “minor” it is taugh¬† after Bassai Dai

This kata display attacking technique so powerful,that reminded the ancients of the strength of mind and body required to overcome the position of an entrenched enemy, and successful break into fortress against overwhelming odds. Therefore they named it Bassai Dai ‘to storm a castle’ and it remains until this day a manifestation of physical and mental power, which when expertly performed would convince any observer of the determination of the performer to destroy the will of the enemy to fight, and thereby storm the battlements and enter big castle. A combination of strong will and powerful blocking technique, allows the performer to turn disadvantage to his own benefit and from then, launch powerful counterattack.

Karate Bassai Dai Kata is usually classed as an intermediate kata and is generally first taught to karateka at 3rd kyu (brown belt) and in some Shotokan federations is allowed to be performed as a grading kata as far as 1st dan (black belt).

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