What to eat before karate training or competition?

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Do you know how to eat before karate training or competition?

Do you eat before karate training? Just as your car works better when it has fuel in its tank, your body and your brain work better when you give them adequate fuel. You will perform better when you are well-fulled and well hydrated. Also the pre-event meal may play an important role in achieving these goals.

What karate athletes eat before karate training or competition can affect their performance. While their post-event meal has a greater impact on their recovery, and, if the time period between events is less then 24 hours, performance in the next event or game.
Precompetition meal and beverages should be familiar to the athletes(tried in practice). Low in fat and fiber so that they empty rapidly from the stomach and minimize any potential for gastrointestinal distress, and moderate in protein.

Foods high in fat and fiber tend to take longer to digest and will most likely make you feel uncomfortable than you’re training. Large quantities of food can also do this, whereas smaller meals and light snacks can be a better choice.  A general guide is to have a meal about 3-4 hours before exercise or a lighter snack about 1-2 hours before exercise.


What if I exercise early in the morning?

It is not always practical to eat a meal 3-4 hours before exercise. Who I will eat before karate training if my training start at 8h or 9h?  If you train early in the morning you should opt for a light snack about an hour before exercise.  For example, some fruit on the way to training along with some fluid such as a milk or juice.  Make up for your smaller carbohydrate intake prior to exercise by consuming carbohydrate during the event or training session.

Generally, food is better tolerated during lower intensity activities, or sports where the body is supported (e.g. cycling) than sports such as karate where the gut is jostled about during exercise.

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