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Best Age Of Karate Training

One of the most common questions every parent is asked what to do with their child’s leisure time? And many of them lean towards sports. Few would argue that a child must be physically developed and able to stand up for himself. Therefore, today many children attend martial arts sections, among which karate is very popular.

Karate is a fairly popular sport that is in demand among parents who choose a section for their child. And the first question that interests them – what is the optimal age for a child to start karate? However, it is rather difficult to answer it unequivocally, because a number of individual factors have to be taken into account.
Most often, the coach will have a preliminary conversation with the child himself, the parents and assess the child’s capabilities at the first training session, and only then it becomes clear whether it is too early for the child to start exercising or it is already possible to start.

Brief description of Karate

Karate belongs to Japanese martial arts. This is a system of defence and attack without a weapon. This sport has several styles (for instance, shotokan, kekushinkai, etc.). In various circumstances more attention is paid to stretching, somewhere – throws, etc. A few styles have existed for a long time, others appeared later when some outstanding master introduced something of his own into the martial art.

At what age can a child enroll in this sport?

You can start practicing karate as early as 3 years old. At this age, children are very active, they learn about the world, they are interested in everything. Training will be like a game for them. Most likely, they will be given exercises for general physical fitness, play tasks and, finally, the basics of karate.

Karate is not only physical but spiritual development as well. Children at the age of 3 may not understand a lot, however, self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect for others will be formed in them from childhood.

When giving a three-year-old child to karate, it is important to find a good coach. He must not only master karate but also be able to find a common language with children, work with them.

5-6 years is the ideal age to start karate lessons. Children at this age are ready both physically and spiritually. They are already able to understand and master the technical and tactical nuances of karate.

It’s not too late to start practicing at the age of 14-15. With the desire and hard training, you can achieve great success; become the champion of the district. In any case, you can train for yourself, for general development – it’s never too late.

Is it worth to give the girl to the section of karate?

Of course, the original Japanese karate was male-oriented. However, in the present world, every parent finds it useful and even essential to send their little daughter to the sports section.

Girls in karate don’t surprise anyone – they train, participate in competitions, win victories and look extremely harmonious in this kind of martial art.

Karate is a versatile sport. Both boys and girls are engaged in it. At the same time, studies have found that it will be much easier for a child-girl to cope with learning at an early age. And to master the knowledge that they are trying to convey to her. This allows them to achieve what they want for the reason that they master martial arts in stages. They learn every detail.

Of course, boys are also entitled to classes. And they also achieve success. However, it is a little more difficult for them to achieve what they want in the early stages than for girls.
Karate does not have any negative effect on the female figure – there are no excess muscle mass, fat deposits, constrained movements. Yes, and the general condition of the body is affected by karate in the most positive way – the muscle corset is strengthened, endurance increases.

What medical problems are not allowed to practice karate?

To practice karate, a child must be healthy. He should not have any medical contraindications. At the same time, karate is a fairly safe sport. The likelihood of injury here is much lower than with boxing. Or other sports of this type.

At the same time, it is forbidden to practice karate for those children who:

1. Heart problems are observed. Even the most minor ailment during exercise can lead to serious health problems.
2. Pressure drops are common. If the child always has too high or low blood pressure, then we recommend that he refuse to practice karate. Otherwise, it can negatively affect him.
3. There are chronic diseases. These are ailments that affect different types of body systems. Starting with the respiratory, ending with the musculoskeletal.
4. There are mental illnesses. It is strictly forbidden to engage in martial arts with them.
5. Mental retardation. If the child has this ailment for a long time, then, unfortunately, they will not be able to take him to the section.

Benefits of karate training for a child

Practicing this karate has a number of advantages:

  •  In the classroom, the child will improve his willpower. He will have the character of a real man. In karate classes, the child is developed not so much physically as intellectually. In training, the child will be taught to endure the pain that appears in the physical plane. He will improve his fighting technique. It will also increase your own chances of winning in certain competitions. And also, karate teaches child optimism. What helps him in life.
  • The child will learn to be independent. Karate, oddly enough, affects this character trait as well. Practicing this karate will allow your child to start helping you around the house. Cook yourself. Also, karate children are very active. And they feel great in the classroom.
  • The child will improve his physical fitness. Karate has a positive effect on the condition of the child’s body. If you go in for sports actively, then you can not go to the fitness club. The karate section will provide an opportunity to form an athletic physique. And also, the child will have the opportunity to easily defend their rights. And protect your loved ones.
  • The child’s health will improve. Moreover, both of its types. Both physical and psychological. Children who attend the section have perfect flexibility. And great stretching. These skills help to keep their muscle mass in good shape. The skin is made elastic. And the bones reliably protect against fractures. If the child exercises regularly, then his heart and blood vessels will begin to function better. And the circulatory system will function more stably and safely.
  • The heart will begin to function more stable. Due to physical activity, his condition will always be in good shape. At the same time, the child can more easily cope with stress. He will not feel discomfort during the process of experiencing an unpleasant situation. And he copes with the problem faster.

Summing up

It has long been noticed that children involved in sports who have achieved certain success in this area do not experience problems with the study, communication and, in general, adapt well to various life situations. Karate will bring the child’s body and spirit into harmony, teach him determination and resilience. The main thing is to exercise with desire and to exercise responsibly.

Karate is not divided into a male or female sport; it is equally available for both categories. If you expect professional victories from your child, prepare it even before the start of training, registering for preparatory classes at 4-5 years old. Also, don’t lose sight of the child’s desire to practice karate. It is possible that your child does not like this, and then all the efforts of the parents to make karateka out of the child will be in vain.

Subject to these simple rules, training will be beneficial, and the child’s success will not be long in coming!

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