Different Karate Forms

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Different Karate Forms

Karate Forms – Do you full knowledge of different forms of Karate? Well, there’s a great number of definitions which describe karate and they mostly concentrate on three characteristic aspects of karate: art, skill, sport. Karate has changed through these three aspects, so today we have three forms of practicing karate: traditional, sport and practical.

Traditional karate

Traditional karate is a form of practicing karate where the basic form of the karate technique is KIHON (the standard school model of the traditional technique). In the method of training, the primary place has a method of symbolic martial arts (KATA). Additionally, the method of strengthening the impact surfaces (TAMESHIWARI) is also present. Sparring is very little represented; only in YAKUSOKU KUMITE (agreed sparring). This concept of practicing karate has a specific philosophical and psychological foundation.

Modern karate

Modern karate– sport karate represents a transformed form of the traditional concept of practice. It was created at the beginning of the 20th century, with the first public demonstration of karate. It specially developed after the Second World War, by introducing competitions. The basic feature of this form of karate is competition.

Practical karate

Practical is  third form of karate. It included in self-defense programs and special physical education, can be referred to as practical karate. Lately, the techniques of karate are becoming increasingly important in the training program for persons involved in jobs requiring special martial arts (army, security, police…). The form and application of the technique of karate are conditioned by the specifics of situational tasks (attack, interception, defense against various types of attacks, exercises on how to get released when being held, etc.)

No matter what karate forms you train, you need to respect others forms. We all have our own reason why we love karate, and that should stay like that. We all know that Karate-Do is a martial art for the development of character through training.

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