Win karate match!

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How To win Karate Match

Win karate match

Do you know how you can improve your chance of winning karate match using only science? Do you know what is psychological refractory period(PFP)? Despite the name which sound complicated, it’s actually and relatively easy.

The term psychological refractory period refers to the period of time during which the response to a second stimulus is significantly slowed because a first stimulus is still being processed he is. Your brain can only manage one piece of information at a time.

If we in kumite match hit opponent without front leg to his front leg, and immediately after that we attack with kizame zuki, our opponent will not react on that attack. That is a practical example of PFP.

Time between 2 attack

Delay is largest when the time between stimuli is short because at this time the movement programming stage has just begun to generate the first response; this response must be emitted before the stage can begin to generate the second response. One more finding is of interest here. When the time between stimuli is very short, the motor system responds to the second stimulus in a different way. The system responds to the first and second stimulus as if they were one, which produces both responses simultaneously.

One very important thing. The fake should be realistic, distinct, and clear, so the defensive player treats it as an actual threat.

You can make a point to any competitor, no matter how fast he is if you learn how to use this. Of course, it’s not easy. But lot’s of points are made on this principle and we don’t see that.

In the next part, we will write how to train to improve your psychological refractory period.

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