Psychological preparation and role of the trainer

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Role of karate trainer


When it comes to preparation of an athlete for upcoming competitions, psychological preparation cannot be avoided. The fact is that under conditions of equal physical and technical-tactical level, those who are better psychologically prepared (they have more confidence, are more emotionally stable, etc.) usually win. Bearing in mind what we just said, we can conclude that it is very difficult to distinguish only one aspect of the preparation of athletes for certain competitions, as this can disturb the necessary balance of an athlete. Karate requires great concentration and mental stability. For this reason, psychological preparation has great importance for success in this sport.


Each trainer, before attempting to motivate his competitors, must „meet“ the personality of each athlete and respect their individual differences. If it is known how many individual differences exist between athletes, then it is known that the general “story” for everyone, does not answer to anyone because, there is no “average” athlete and unique motivational story, that could help everyone.

By the authority or power of his own personality, the coach must impose a respectful attitude of his competitors to the opponents, regardless of their objective possibilities. In addition, the coach must take responsibility for the achieved success or failure in advance, thereby relieving his competitors from a pressure and allowing them to give their maximum on the competition. Therefore, understanding and experiencing victory or defeat is an area of great individual differences that, first and foremost, is about the emotional functioning of a person. Namely, the victory of an athlete is making even more effort and work, while others lead to relaxation and laziness. When it comes to defeat, reactions often go from despair and the intention to leave the club, through apathy, to those who seek blame in themselves or others and tackled according to the principle “who knows why it is good” or invest even more time and energy in later training.

Methods of psychological preparation:

In methods of psychological preparation carried out by a coach or athlete, we gonna emphasize a  few:

    1. Changing the content of thoughts (achieved by reading a book or listening to music or watching a movie in which there is not a lot of violence and blood, in any case by choosing activities that could relax an athlete);
    1. Warming up (it affects the reduction of excitement or raising the level of activation);
    1. Massage and self-massage (used as a supplement to massage);
    1. Breathing exercises (reduce excitement, usually performed 3-4 times a day, although this is all individually);
    1. An individual-built system of words that could motivate an athlete (for example, it is good, just go ahead, you’re the best, etc.) or calm (for example, do not be afraid, it will be fine, etc.);
  1. The suggestive influence of the trainer (increasing the self-confidence).

As you can see, psychological preparation is very important for the achievement of the greatest results of athletes, as well as for a shaping of their personality. Trainers who want to achieve a great success with their competitors must regularly talk to them and constantly motivate them and prepare them for competitions.

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