Situational training in kata

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situational training in Kata

Situational training in kata

Situational training in kata represents a simulation of the competition. It should be used 5-10 days before the competition itself and represents the peak of the form. As a situational training it can also be performed on some low quality competition, which takes place 7-14 days before the main competition.

How to train?

Situational training in kata requires maximum intensity work, and therefore it is also very hard for competitors. At this training, whole katas are performed with breaks about the same as on the competition. Pauses between the performances on the competition are gradually reduced due to the competition system. For this reason and breaks on the situational training between the katas are different. After the first performance, the pause is 12 to 15 minutes long, after the second performance, 10 – 12 minutes, after the third performance, 7 – 10 minutes, after the fourth performance, 4 – 7 minutes. And after the fifth performance pause is 1 – 4 minutes. If a competitor in the semi-finals performs as a second one, and immediately afterwards in the finals as a first one, which is the case in the Cup system of competition, then according to the competition rules, the athlete has one minute of rest.



During situational training, as well as on the competition, there can not be passive rest during the period between the two appearances. During this period, the competitor prepares for the next performance. For a well-prepared athlete 1 to 2 minutes is enough to rest and perform again in the best edition. The rest of the breaks should be used for active stretching and preparing the kata for the next performance.

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