Sports karate

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sport karate

The past decade has see a great increase in popularity of karate throughout the world. Among those who have been attracted to it are college students and teacher, artists, businessmen and civil servants.

If karate is practiced solely as a fighting technique, this is cause for regret. The fundamental technique have been developed, and perfected through long years of study and practice, but to make any effective use of these technicque, the spiritual aspect of this art of self-defense must be recognized and must play the predominant role. It is gratifying to me to see that there are those who understand this, who know that karate do is a purely Oriental martial art, and who train with proper attitude.

To be capable of provide devastating damage on a opponent with one blow of the fist or a singe kick has indeed been the objective of this ancient Okinawa martial art. Training means training body and spirit, and, above all else, one should treat his opponent courteously and with proper etiquette.

Karate as a art of self-defense and karate as a means of improving and maintaining health has long existed.  During past 20 years, an new activity has been explored and is coming to the fore. This is sports karate.

In sports karate, contest are held for the purpose of determining the ability of the participants.  In sports karate there is tendency to place too much emphasis on wining contests, and those who do so neglect to practice of fundamental technique, opting instead to attempt kumite at earliest opportunity. The man who begins kumite prematurely – without having practiced  fundamentals sufficiently  – will soon be overtaken by man who has trained in the basic technique long and diligently.  There is no shortcut to learn and practice basic technique and movement.

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