Technical training in kata performance

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Technical Training In Kata


Technical training in kata requires a lot of time and effort. Especially if you’re doing something wrong for years, in other words, if a certain technique is wrongly mastered. In such situations it is necessary that the previously formed dynamic stereotype must be completely degraded and form a new one that is somehow similar to the old one, which precisely creates certain difficulties. Technical training can be done individually, team and group.

Individual correction

Individual correction of the technique is mostly carried out by older competitors. They can do it alone or with the supervision of a trainer. Athletes determine which techniques they need to correct, the intensity of work and the duration of the break. During your practice of a certain technique, kata can be divided into three or four parts, and practice like this until the mistakes are corrected. Only later, merge the divided parts into one whole kata. It is very important that, after a certain number of light repetitions, some techniques or parts should be done on the competitive level of performance.


Team technical training

Team technical training requires much more work and time. As teams have to harmonize the rhythm and on the same technical level between team members. Deviations mostly occur in small details, due to different individual variants in the individual performance of the kata.

Group training

Group training is carried out in the frontal form of work in which all the practitioners are working at the same time. Techniques are performed on the mark of a trainer or a sign of a particular competitor chosen by the coach. This kind of work can a lot of improve and correct the basic technique, especially lower body techniques and movements. It is very important to take care of the tempo and the duration of the exercise as the groups are often not equal. After a long work, there is a great chance of injuries and a decline in the quality of the techniques.

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