Do you know how to train to improve your karate speed?

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Do you know how to improve your karate speed?

Any of us at least one time heard “don’t go to gym, your kicks and punches will be slower”. Unfounded and misleading theories have suggested that strength training slows athletes and negatively affect their development of endurance and flexibility. Is that true? Or do you actually know how to improve your karate speed?

Who has stronger legs, Lance Armstrong or David Beckham? You can’t chose because both athletes are strong, but in a difference way. One way to answer them might be to start defining different kinds of strength. Experts have created many different categories of strength. Training can involves various types of strength training.

The ability to quickly overcome the inertia of the athlete’s body weight depends on the athlete’s relative strength(maximum strength relative to body weight) and relative power.

How to train to improve our karate speed?

1. Develop maximal strength

In periodization of strength for sport, the submaximum and maximum load methods are probably the most effective ways to develop maximum strength. Submaximum and maximum load methods positively influence athletesin speed and power dominant sports by increasing the muscle size and recruitment of more fast twitch fibers
The basic strength training involves higher intensity (80-95% of 1 repetition maximum) and moderate to high volumes (2-3 sets and 2-6 repetition).  3-4 minutes pause.

2. Develop power (Rate of force development)

For speed sports, in fact, power represents a great source of speed improvement. Muscles that are strong and contract quickly and powerfully enable high acceleration, fast limb movement, and high frequency. In karate quick and powerful start in implementing an offensive skill prevents an opponent from using an effective defensive action.
The power phase involves low to high loads (30-80% of 1RM), and low volumes (2-5sets and 2-5 repetitions)

To summarize: Speed, agility and quickness never increase unless maximum strength is trained first and then convert to power.


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