Types of Kumite

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karate kumite

Kumite is a method of training in which the offensive and defensive technique learned in the kata are given practical application. The importance of kata to kumite cannot be overemphasized. If technique are used unnaturally or in a forced way, posture will break down. In other words, improvement depends directly on improvements in kata: the two go together like hand in glove.

There is three types of kumite: Basic, Jiyu ippon and Jiyu

Basic kumite:

In this most elementary form, the opponents take a fixed distance from each other and the target area is agreed on beforehand. They then alternately practice attacking and blocking. This may be done as a single attack and block- ippon kumite

Jiyu ippon kumite and Jiyu kumte

The method of Jiyu ippon kumite is this. Both men take a kamae freely at the optional distance. Announcing the area he is aiming for, the attacker attack decisively. Against this the blocker freely uses technique he has mastered and counterattacks at once.This is a training method, the purpose is to put into actual practice the technique of offense and defense.

If after attacking, the attacker deceives the blocker and continues to attack, or if he attack without announcing his intention by turning the blocker’s counterattack against him, this training method will become Jiyu kumite. This preliminary step to Jiyu kumite requres great skill. so it cannot be recommended to beginners, whose technique will break down and become ineffective.

Judi has it’s randori, karate do it’s Jiyu kumite, to be engaged in without prearrangement. Jiyu kumite appeared officially for the first time on a public program in 1936, when a tournament was held commemoration the establishment of the Japan Student Karate do federation.

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