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Safety requirements have changed from the last few decades. According to the current scenario, every person’s safety is in their own hands, and the need of the hour is to prepare the future generations for their security. The children now need to grow up tough, both physically and mentally, to be ready for the future, and karate is one of the perfect ways to prepare them!

Karate is not only limb swinging, as most parents think. Karate is a complex of charging, stretching, developing concentration and breathing, improving discipline, setting breathing. All together this will give the child not only physical but also spiritual development.

Let’s dig deeper into this and see why karate is good for your kids:

They’ll Gain Self-defense

Karate is one of the most valuable basic defense skills a parent can give to their child. In a complex and dangerous world, a child who knows how to protect himself can make a difference at the moment of possible violent harm.

Improve your Self-esteem

Karate can develop and strengthen healthy self-esteem. This principle applies, in fact, to most Karate. The development of healthy self-esteem can be explained not only by acquired self-defense techniques but also by the strengthening of other factors, for example, discipline.

Discipline, ethics, honor and loyalty are important values ​​in this practice, which is why practicing this particular type of Karate can form a psychologically healthy personality.

Health promotion

Activities in any sports club contribute to the well-being and improvement of the child’s health and not only in childhood but throughout his/her life.

Karate kids have good flexibility and stretching. As a consequence of daily exercise, cardiovascular activity is strengthened, and the functioning of the circulatory system.

The best thing about joining a karate club is that your child is protected from possible heart diseases. In addition, children become less susceptible to emerging stressful situations. In short, karate is prevention against various diseases.

Since karate training is one of the best ways to promote health, parents and coaches should encourage their child to join karate at all times and be a role model.

Develops thinking

In karate, problems arise at every turn that needs to be solved quickly and with the tools at hand. How to get around the enemy? Team sport constantly creates situations that develop critical thinking. And it will come in handy not only in competitions but also in life!

Enhance Energy and concentration power

Sports activities such as karate are generally recommended for children with anger and attention control problems. This practice will allow them to learn to control their emotions, release energy and focus as much as possible on their activities.

Improving Competition spirit

As in any sport, there are competitions in karate. This is a great opportunity for a child to check their level and show their progress. Unlike team sports, if you lose, you have only yourself to blame. In competition, the child develops a sense of respect for the opponent and the desire to do better next time.

Enhance Listening Skills

Listening is key in Karate or any sport as without listening to the coach they will be not able to complete the move correctly.

It teaches listening on a one-to-one basis and in a group and demonstrating these skills lets children to progress through the belts.

Gender Equality

When we are talking about Karate, then many of you think that we are talking about their sons, right? But, do you know karate is one of the few sports where girls and boys can train together?

Getting a red belt for your daughter will be as interesting as it is for your son. It will be a great opportunity to train siblings together, to learn from a friend, it will bring them together beyond the carpet.

Education of character, hardening of willpower

Karate is, first of all, mental development. In many ways, the philosophy of karate, like any kind of Karate, tends to the idea that a person grows as a person by overcoming pain.

During classes, the child learns to endure physical pain, hones the technique of Karate techniques, thereby increasing his chances of becoming a winner in competitions.

Children-karate are always idealists, it is this attitude that encourages them to win in any life situation.

Advantages of karate as a psychological tool

Karate is also beneficial for kids who experience a lack of attention. It also encourages children to cope with the enhanced strain and stress that are generally associated with bullying and ridicule from classmates.

By exercising this sport, the child will learn to feel positive, which means, will not allow others to insult him.

Education of peacefulness

This may seem a bit controversial, but Karate practices help a child avoid situations that, for one reason or another, may develop into violent conflict.

In other words, he will learn to defend himself when necessary, but he will also know how to avoid conflict.

Children Self-control

Self-control is another best advantage of karate. Discipline and concentration are taught along with hand-to-hand combat techniques to develop patience and control of your emotions.

Develop Social ability

Karate is also very helpful in developing social abilities. They teach to interact with people, communicate with them and cooperate as a team, develop collective thinking, planning, and foster trust in each other.

Winning the game gives a sense of the value the team has accomplished and builds trust in the future.

Children learn to respect

Kids begin to learn respect from the moment they cross the threshold of a sports school. The young athletes learn to treat other students the way they want them to treat them.

In the Karate, punches, kicks and other movements are performed with a sense of respect. Good Karate instructors always emphasize the importance of respect and teach their students to be polite to teachers, parents, and peers.


Teamwork is required for any adolescent child to grow. It is at this step in their life that they develop a belief and confidence in their ability to work with others.

Working in a team is often used to practice sparring or to work on moves. Being part of a club also builds a sense of belonging and creates lifetime friendships.

Best Memories

Your child may forget about their lessons at school or what grade they got in the quarters, but they will never forget karate training and competition in the company of their faithful teammates. Let your children have something to remember!

As you see the above-mentioned pros of karate for your kids, but it can be only beneficial by following some guidelines. So let’s have a look:

The right age for a child to start Karate

Various types of martial arts for children give different loads and need certain physical training. Accordingly, the age when you can start doing this or that direction will be different.

From 4-6 years old, it is suggested to practice “soft” martial arts: wushu, aikido, which is not so traumatic. Also, at the age of 4-6 ages, all non-contact types are allowed. Early training in karate is advantageous for the psychomotor development of kids. Kids learn to concentrate their attention.

At the age of 9-12, children are active to go in for karate, wrestling, taekwondo, judo.

Kickboxing, boxing is suggested to be taught to kids from 12-14 years old or later when the body systems are formed and the ligaments and joints are adequately strong.

Bottom Line


You’d agree that karate is one of the most common martial arts. This is one of the reasons most of the parents are now sending their wards in karate coaching classes and even the schools imparting basic karate courses to help children learn the art of self-defense. Karate makes kids ready to train them for any unforeseen emergency circumstances. Karate not only teaches self-defense but also makes the children disciplined in various aspects of life. It helps them become a better human being.

 Good luck with your Karate!


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